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Using Habitats portal for viewing our services

Using Habitats portal for viewing our services

Habitats Portal is available from this link: www.habitats.cz

Using Habitats portal for viewing WMS services


  • At first we should connect to WMS service and obtain service capabilities. Go to the right panel of the Habitats portal and click the plus button at the right side to OWS docking panel. You shall see this:


  • Fill the form with apropriate parameters. You might use whatever WMS URL. Our Habitats Forest Management Institute WMS link is www.habitats.cz/geoserver_habitats/wms . Choose from the drop down list WMS and click Connect WMS Service is free to use without additional credentials.


  • When we have obtained capabilities from the WMS service. We can check one or more layers from the checklist and set some other options. E.g. choose Vegetation tiers (WGS-84) and click To map.


  • After a while, some data has appeared, but you might need to zoom in on a smaller scale. It is very simple: click somewhere in the map hold CTRL, the left mouse button and drag to create a zooming rectangle or an other option is to use zoom slider on the left of the map window.


  • Map will look like this.


  • Habitats portal is useful, because of possibility to change the opacity and therefore WMS layers can be visualised one over the other. The opacity of the layer can be change on the right panel of the Habitats portal. If you click on the layer name on the Layer docking panel, menu with the opacity slider will appear.


Using Habitats portal for viewing WFS services


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