Forest Management Institute

Forest Management Institute(FMI) is a public body established by the Czech Ministry of Agriculture. The institute consists of 9 regional branches oriented to support the state forest administration. It also directly supports the regional and local level of administrative by SDI tools (web services for regional subsidies, geospatial analysis). FMI is also in charge of executing the National Forest Inventories (NFI). The results of both the statistical survey and the thematic mapping represent the key information source about forests (34% of country cover), landuse and the landuse change in the Czech Republic. The GIS and remote sensing analyses deliver spatial data on stand volume, species composition, the health condition, and forest functions. At the regional level, the Regional Plans of Forest Development as a basic tool of the state forest policy in the regions are compiled. As such institute has an influence on subsidy programmes in forestry, make controls and give guidelines and specific recommendation on the potential usage of regional grants. The FMI proposes decree in forestry law, e.g. unified typological system or handling the reproduction material. Further, the institute initiated and coordinated the National forest program (NFP - a base for the new forest law) and helps to transpose it into the regional policies.

FMI has a long-term experience in forestry GIS development and therefore is able to guarantee and exchange this knowledge within HABITATS project. The FMI MapServer makes Regional Plans of Forest Development accessible to general public. The good practices indicators are many, e.g. increase in forested land and positive changes in species composition, nature-like management practices (total sum of subsidy payments), increasing forest land area certified according to FSC and PEFC. The information provided to the local forest owners leads to stimulation of sustainable forestry processes. The new ideas from international partner GIS applications contribute to rural development, forest and landscape biodiversity, and citizen security.

FMI has been working on several European and UN projects with focus on SDI building:

Interreg IIIBCADSES- ILUP (Integrated Land Use Planning) Pomoraví, where FMI was the subcontractor in chapter Forest. Sixth Framework Programme Priority 1.4, Integrated Project Contract no.: 030962 «HUMBOLDT» Development of a Framework for Data Harmonisation and Service Integration, Duration of the project: 10/2006 – 2009 it contribute to European strategy for INSPIRE and GMES. Also previous finished project: REGEO, WIRELESSINFO are relevant to the HABITATS project.

Trough membership of FMI in Czech Centre for Science and Society FMI participate on awareness champagne for Sustainable development (NaturNet Redime) and on more activities related to building rural ICT policies.


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