Catalogue search and visualisation on the portal

The HABITATS catalogue client enables to search a distributed network of metadata catalogues using the OGC Catalogue Service for the Web specification. Data and services can be searched by text or by elements defined in various standards including OGC CSW 2.0.2, AP ISO and INSPIRE.

This application interacts with the map viewer and allows the map services to be added into a map by just one click. Another interaction is with the metadata extractor. Documents or web pages stored by the extractor can be opened by one click too. Services can be added from a list of predefined services or can be added by direct links.

Advanced search form using all INSPIRE queryables. User defined queryables can be added.

A list of results from the catalogue. Pressing the metadata record (on the left) shows the detail of the metadata record (on the right).

By pressing the Open button the layer can be viewed in the map viewer.

Selection of layers that will be portrayed in the map viewer.